Come experience Art & Culture at "God's Gift of Art" by Howard Maurer

For Howard, life began on a small farm in Forrest, Illinois.  Together with his eight siblings, he learned to work with his hands at an early age.  After army and college he started his own construction company in 1962.  At age 23 he moved his Mom and Dad to town and built them a well-deserved new home.  He always had a PASSION for using his HANDS...and he did this early in his career,  building many schools, churches, and public buildings in Illinois. In 1985 Howard moved to Arizona where his thriving business kept him in the office and he lost that creative feeling of using his HANDS.

Everything changed for Howard on April 25, 2004. He suffered a stroke that paralyzed the right side of his body.  After a year of intense re-hab and sitting in his home office, searching for answers of what the future might hold, he happened to look out his window...and viewing the beautiful scenes of GOD'S NATURE...on that day...he was inspired to try drawing.  Howard is a right handed person.  He experimented using his LEFT HAND and those who saw his work were amazed by it.  Howard advanced to painting with acrylic and then oils.  Never having a lesson he has discovered a God-given talent that brings much pleasure to himself and to those who see his work.  He now has his PASSION back, using his HAND in a creative way again.. He calls it...."Gods gift of Art"...and he thanks our good Lord and Savior every day.